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OneDrive for Business start event - inconsistent new file detection

Hi all. Currently doing a Nintex trial, I have a NWC workflow set to start on a new file in OneDrive for Business, check some details, then start an RPA botflow. I've been testing this workflow for the past few weeks and most of the time it runs perfectly when the files land (1-3 times per day), but it intermittently fails to detect the new file in ODfB and doesn't run. E.g. I decided to grab some additional details from the files to push through to the final SharePoint Online list, so went back to the start of the month and re-added all the files (in batches of 5-10) for about 35 runs in total. They all ran perfectly except for 3 (in a row) that weren't detected.

Since then, it's been detecting the new files maybe 80% of the time. Assuming this isn't standard behaviour, does anyone have any suggestions that might help it to run more consistently?

The files arrive as email attachments, and I'm using Power Automate to monitor the O365 mailbox and save them to ODfB for Nintex to pick them up. The filenames are identical each time, except for an incrementing number and date-time in the filename - e.g. vendor-system-results_0001_20200523-235959.csv, vendor-system-results_0002_20200524-013059.csv

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