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Nintex workflow not running on schedule?

Hey All,

I am pretty comfortable in SP but new to Nintex. A user has created a workflow, with a schedule that runs every day at 4am. When I check 'view history' on the workflow I can see that it almost never runs correctly on schedule. Sometimes it runs around 4:25am, other times it runs at a random morning time (7:35am, 10:45am, 8:23am, etc.) and occasionally will not run until the PM sometime (I've seen as late as 3:25pm).

What the heck?! Its odd that 95% of the time it runs on a :x5 or :x0 of the hour, but there are occasions where its not, like 8:23am, etc.).

We have other Nintex workflows that dont have scheduling issues like this, and this workflow ran perfect for months and then one day just started randomly drifting and has continued since. I did check that we don't have excessive workflow history and we have less than 2k records.

Any thoughts? would love your ideas!

I have submitted an SR but still waiting on a response - I thought the support forums might be another way to tackle this.

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Re: Nintex workflow not running on schedule?


Scheduled workflows use the timer job to schedule and run. There could be a host of issues causing it to delay by so much. I would suggest getting with your Server or Farm admin and monitor what things are running at night or before 8am that may be causing your timer job to vary when it completes. Things such as backups and batch processes which typically is done at night may affect when scheduled workflows run because the processes don't often complete at the same time every day. 

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