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Nintex workflow get user name


      I am having simple task of getting user's User Name and send that data in email.
      I have a field which is 'Person and Group', and it is configured to 'Allow Multiple selections' as Yes. I am reading data of this column and sending in email through Nintex workflow.
In Email I am getting name of user as i:0#.w|abcd\ats.test; i:0#|abcd\ats.test2; i:0#|abcd\ats.test3

In that field I have three users and I am getting there Names in this way.

Then to fix this I used Nintex 'set variable' action and did exactly like below attachment.

Now when I am trying to print data of variable 'sbc-txt' I am getting error.

I came to know : 
If I have only one user in field, I can get his User Name,
if I have two user in field, then I can get second person User Name
If I have three user in field, workflow will get terminate

Can any one please let know how to get user name of person who are in 'Person and Group' Column.

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