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How to transfer a file as Input of a NWC workflow (external start)

Hi all,

we are actually working on a project where we have to double sign a generated document using docusign. With 0365, sadly we are stuck with one recipient.

The idea was to use the New NWC Docsign connector. For that we have to upload the document intnto NWC to passe the file as parameter into the worklfow.

The procedure is briefly explained here : 

We keep trying with the O365 Web Request action, and it keeps returning an internal Server Error when we call the UPLOAD action.

WIth the CREATE action , it works, it returns the token (OK)

WIth the UPLOAD, we are stuck. Anyone has had the same needs recently?

thanks for the help!


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Re: How to transfer a file as Input of a NWC workflow (external start)

@alexjolynintex hope you got this figured out. The documentation has been updated since you posted this question and the product has gone through some changes to make inputing files into a workflow a lot easier. 


LEt me know if this is still a challenge.

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