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Customizing a link to a content item in a task form doesn't work

Working environment :

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I am currently building a workflow on a SharePoint item list.

In each Workflow task Form I would like to allow the user to consult/edit the related item. So in the task form  I added a label in which I inserted a link to the content item by using {Common:ItemUrl} reference. This works fine and the related item is displayed as expected !!!

The issue I have is when the user closes the related item's form he is redirected to the lists form (https://...Lists/XXX/AllItems.aspx) whereas I would expect him to come back on the current task form.

I suppose this process is a quite common need and there must be a way to handle it but even by going through the forums here, I couldn't find a solution.

So thanks for your help.

Best regards


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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Customizing a link to a content item in a task form doesn't work

Hi Régis,

your question is more about Nintex Product different from Nintex Workflow Cloud, where you've posted your question..

If I've understood well, what you need is to build the link to related item adding a Source parameter in querystring (something like &Source=[task url]), without a Source the default behaviour of SharePoint is to redirect you not on the previous page but on the parent context of the element

Let us know if this helps!


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