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Any way to omit the time portion of DateTime and a...

Hello, I am trying to setup a DateTime field where the initiator would enter the Date but not the time. In the form options, I can hide the tim...

  • By Anhthu
  • October 29, 2020  22:13
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Add an image on public form

I have created a public form on Nintex Workflow Cloud. We need to brand the form with our Company logo on each page (form has 5 individual pages for...

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How do I bring in a signature image into a downstr...

Using NWC, my initial Form captures signatures. Later in the workflow, a manager needs to approve the Form and wants to see the signatures. My appr...

  • By Russ_G
  • October 28, 2020  08:44
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Migration from Sharepoint / Nintex 2010 to Nintex ...

Hi, we use Sharepoint / Nintex 2010 Workflow. We plan a migration to the Cloud. Actually we stay in front of the decission between Nintex for Off...

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Task Process with multiple Participants on Nintex ...

Task Process action is not available on Nintex Workflow Cloud as like in Nintex Workflow for Office 365. Assign a Task action of Nintex Workflow Clou...

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Get email of all members of SharePoint Group from ...

I need to get email of each member of SharePoint group from NWC so I could email them. Noticed that there are out of the box actions available to add...

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Has anyone used getQueryStringParameter() in a NWC...

Hi, I'm interested in using the new getQueryStringParameter() formula in NWC form variables. Not sure how this would work though as the f...

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Check Todays Day of the Week

Hi there, I currently have a workflow where I need to get the current day of the week (Mon,Tue,Wed etc), so that I am able to add the correct amou...

  • By JimOw
  • October 22, 2020  01:43
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How to import a workflow to replace an existing wo...

As you are working in NWC, you may find that there are occasions when you need to import a workflow with the same name as an existing workflow in you...

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Form iframe not appearing properly

First-time poster here. We have a Nintex form on which, until recently (although I don'...

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Any disadvantage to using 1 workflow for multiple ...

If I have 10 forms in SPO that each separately run a O365 workflow that at the end, calls the same NWC workflow - is there any downside to that? Is t...

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Managing form styles at the tenant level

I'm creating a workflow with has up to 3 levels of approvals and a different task form for each level. Applying the company branding colours to the...

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