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Workflow in an iframe with URL parameter

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We are using Nintex Workflow embedded in our website using the iframe code it gives when we publish the workflow. It works well. 

However, we would like to pass a URL parameter to it from the parent window (the website page).

How can we do this as when I tried to pass the URL parameter using simple javascript like the below doesn't work.

It doesn't even seem to call the onload function. When I remove the script tag for the ntx-embed-iframe.js, it does call the function.

Please help.
<body onload="setTheId()">
  <script src="https://sample.workflowcloud.com/embedform/iframe/ntx-embed-iframe.js"
    id="ntxFormContainer-sampleworkflowid" scrolling="no" style="width:100%; border:none;"
    function setTheId() {
      alert('in the function');
      var loc = window.location.toString();
      var params = loc.split('?')[1];
      iframe = document.getElementById('ntxFormContainer-sampleworkflowid');
      console.log(iframe.src + '&' + params);
      iframe.src=iframe.src + '&' + params;
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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Workflow in an iframe with URL parameter

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Hi Karthik,


I believe at the time of you posting this it was a known issue.


however since then i believe the developers have fixed the issue and i am successfully able to return query string parameters from the parent URL into an iframe, Please feel free to use my below form example with the query string parameter of zzz

<script src="https://ntx-amdemoemea.workflowcloud.com/embedform/iframe/ntx-embed-iframe.js" data-id="ntxFormContainer-896fad9f-fd3a-424a-8540-a0e631a40134"></script>
<iframe id="ntxFormContainer-896fad9f-fd3a-424a-8540-a0e631a40134" scrolling="no" style="width:100%; border:none;" height="100%" src="https://ntx-amdemoemea.workflowcloud.com/embedform/iframe?id=896fad9f-fd3a-424a-8540-a0e631a40134&tenancy=ntx-amdemoemea.workflowcloud.com&"></iframe>


please see the screenshot of it working on the w3 site.




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