Simple Document Workflow in Nintex Cloud

Hi All


I'm experimenting (Nintex Workflow Cloud)  and wanted to create a simple workflow

Step 1 (Initiate Form) : Upload a document and choose Approvers

Step 2 : Approve/Reject Document


I have 2 problems

#1 I can't see how to display the document uploaded to the approver at step 2

      I can attach it to the email but I want it on the form, there is no "file viewer" or "link to a file"

#2 I cant see how to set the assignee of step 2 to be the person I selected at Step 1


Can anyone let me know if this is possible?



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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Simple Document Workflow in Nintex Cloud

Hi @chriso97 ,


This is fairly straight forward.. Any files that are uploaded via the start form are visible to both the person who submitted the form as well as anyone who has a task via My Nintex (accessible via the top navigation bar).  For step 2, create a task and pass the form variable which is the 'approvers' field on the form to the assignee field on the task, doing this will take whatever value the user selects and assign a task to that person. Once this has been done the task assignee can view their tasks in My Nintex which gives them access to the start form and any files/documents uploaded.  You must also ensure that file upload storage is set to 'indefinitely' in settings otherwise the files will be deleted. 


Cheers, Rick


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