NWC - Task Form Pre-Populated with data from SQL and Cascading Drop downs (Conditional values)

Hello team,
This is a multi-part question/problem, however, I'm trying to achieve something so common and simple.


Here is the scenario.

I have a list of schools, and each school has a list of buildings with the data stored in a SQL DB.


1) Using a NWC Form, a user selects a school (for review) and a reviewer and starts a new workflow. 
2) A Task is assigned to the reviewer selected in step 1.

3) The Task is opened and the user can see the details of the school (multiple fields) and a list of the buildings that need to be reviewed.


Here comes my first of Issues:

  - In order for me to populate the Task form with data from SQL, I need to create a 1 SQL statement action for each field I wish to show on the form, then I need to "Get an Item from the collection", within the workflow (Pre-Task) and finally I need to create a Form Loaded rule to display the value on the form. This is a lot of work for 1 field and the school details view contains many fields.
Is there an easier way to populate the form with exisiting field data from SQL?

Here is the second question.

  - How do I display the list of buildings and some fields associated with the school?

ie :

Name  |  Location  |  Condition  |  Wall Materials  |  Floor Materials  |

I tried the repeated control, but this does not allow me to populate the controls with the values existing in SQL for each Building.


Third question.
How do we populate the MultiChoice Checkbox control with values stored in SQL? (A building component, such as a wall can contain, wood, steel, and brick. Thus the multi-select control is used, however, there is no way to pre-populate the multiChoice Checkbox control.


Fourth and final question for this post.
How can we achieve cascading drop-down selections?

For example, The user selects a building component, ie wall, and then the second drop-down list is filtered by materials that a wall can be made from, ie wood, steel, brick, and mortar.


All of this seems to be the fundamentals of any application or form technology platform? Surely I must be missing something because this has not been an easy exercise.

Thanks in advance for any comments and assistance.





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