Multiple Task Assignees



I would like to create a task in Nintex Workflow Cloud that can have multiple assignees or have multiple people view the same form.


I've tried the following things to try and accomplish this:

  • Creating a "run parallel paths" action which has the "assign task" action in one of the branches and in the other branch a "pause for duration" and "send email" afterwards which includes the link to the form. The idea is that the task is assigned to one person but the email is sent to any additional assignees. This hasn't worked for me as the variable gives this in the email: tf_cbef9a20b05843428abdf473d9c02680_form_url
  • I've tried creating a collection with all the assignees added and then having that variable within the assignee field for the task. However, as I assumed, the task doesn't accept the format of the collection. (It gives error code 400 "invalid format")


Does anyone have any suggestions as to accomplish this?

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Multiple Task Assignees

 Hi @Joel , 


Thanks for reaching out, at this present moment NWC does not support assigning a single task to multiple approvers. The only workaround is creating email groups and assigning the task to that group. 


A product feature request has been posted on our UserVoice page. I would recommend you cast your vote so you so you are kept informed of the release.

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