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How to summarise hours worked?


I have a tasklist containing the columns HoursWorked and TotalHoursWorked.I want the column TotalHoursWorked to be updated each time you add HoursWorked. For example

Week 1; adds 5h to HoursWorked. TotalHoursWorked updates to 5h

Week 2: adds 7h to HoursWorked. TotalHoursWorked updates to 12h

Each time you edit the task the field for HoursWorked should be empty.

Do anybody have any suggestions on how I do this? I'm new to Nintex but have done some simple workflows before.

One more thing I have problems with is that I also want a summary of all the hours worked in a project. That means summmary of all the tasks in my Task list belonging to a certain project. I know that I can create a view in the task list that group and sum on project number, but I want the total sum to turn up in my Project list where I have all my project listed with Planned hours and Hours worked. The column Project.No in my Task list is a lookup from the Project list.

Appreciate the help.

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Re: How to summarise hours worked?

Hi Amie Peterson

Looks like what you are trying to create is time sheet management. Please be aware that there are dedicated tools for this purpose. Utilizing SharePoint and workflow could give you similar product but you will have to create lot of moving parts.

I would use a simple list with Nintex form where everyone can create a new item to enter their time for the week with project as drop down.

Once the time is submitted against a project, the workflow would add this information to another list. The key identifier in this list would be employee name.

Same or another list can be used with an identifier for the project and add the entered times to existing ones. You may face issue if you have to summarize this information on weekly basis, for that you have to create another list.

Now, would you let uses modify their times for the past week? The workflow becomes more complicated when you try to expand the functionality. Hope it helps.

Note: This is the section for Nintex Workflow Cloud question. If you are using Nintex on prem, please post the question in Getting Started space.

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