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Does a workflow approver need site access?

We have a SharePoint site within our department where people outside the department do not have access. However due to the nature of our work, we require responses to our work from people outside the department. Do they need site access to be able to view and approve (with comments) the workflow item?

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Re: Does a workflow approver need site access?

If the Tasks lives in SharePoint site and user does not have access to SharePoint site, they cannot approve the task.

Nintex Workflow Cloud provides "Task Approval" mechanism, you can try using that one.

  • In NWC, start with SharePoint Online Connector, point to your sharepoint site, then retrieve the list
  • Have some condition to check when the NWC workflow should trigger (like Status = "Send for Approval")
  • Add a Assign a Task action, you can select authenticated user or external email address
  • You can also customize the task form and access the SharePoint list's metada values related to current item from "Start Event Variables" section while designing the task form.
  • And you can pass the output (approve/reject) back to your SharePoint list using "SharePoiont Online Update Items" action

Hope this helps

Hope this works.

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