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Just ran into a small issue that i am trying to figure out.  I have a workflow with a form component, which then sends an email. The form itself has a date field to capture a dob, but when i pull this field into the email it then appears to change timezone when the email is received ie I am in NZ time, but it appears to change to UTC.  From checking the settings in Nintex, it mentions that the default timezone is picked up from the user browser, but the browser shows the correct timezone so i am a bit puzzled about where or why it is changing.  Are there any suggestions out there? I can manually add the format date to string action to change it back to what it should be, but reluctant to add an extra step in every workflow for something that should be simple.


Many thanks in advance 



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Re: Default time zone

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Hi Thomas


It's correct the form inherits the user's browser timezone, however, things do get a bit tricky when that data is used by the workflow.


Nintex Workflow Cloud uses the UTC equivalent time throughout the workflow, so it is indeed necessary to use the Format date to string action to convert the date to the intended date, and preferred format, within your NZ timezone.


The reason for NWC using the UTC equivalent is when the date is passed onto another system or service that requires date data in UTC format. A good example of this is passing a date/time from NWC to a SharePoint List. That date is in UTC but SharePoint's Regional Settings shows the date/time in the appropriate format based on how the settings have been configured.


Let me know if you have any further questions! 🙂