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Citrix ShareFile Connector

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We're currently doing a trial of Workflow Cloud and trying to get document storage setup. Our organization doesn't have One Drive, Box, DropBox, or Google Drive. However, we do have Citrix ShareFile which at one point appears to have been a built in document storage option. 


I'm unable to find any references to ShareFile in the current version of Workflow Cloud, but I also can't find anything about it being removed. 


Is there no longer a built in integration with Citrix ShareFile?

Thank you


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Re: Citrix ShareFile Connector

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@bsikes you are correct we used to have a built in integration to Citrix ShareFile when we used a previous system integrator for Nintex Workflow Cloud. However, as no customers were using it we did not carry that support over onto our native system integration platform. This is something that we can look to add back to the product, however we do not have support for it today. 


Alternatively if you have access to development resources you could build your own connector using the Xtensions framework (

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