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We are doing a PoC on moving or O365 workflows to NWC. In O365 we have list workflows in which we start another List workflow from one workflow at some stage. How can we achive this in NWC?

Call a workflow is pointing to a component workflow but what I have is not a component workflow in NWC. Is it even possible to call another which is not a component workflow?

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Re: Call a workflow

You can only start another NWC component workflow using the call a workflow action.


Your other option would be to have NWC workflow start with a start trigger of SharePoint online item created or item modified.

I use the 'item modified' start a fair bit with combined with using a condition.

Choice or boolean column types in sharepoint work well for this purpose.


For example on your list or library have a column 'Start Workflow 2' as Yes/No

NWC workflow started on item modified where column = 'Start Workflow 2'.

Just be sure in your 'Workflow 2' design to update the list item to set the column 'Start Workflow 2' back to No.


One of the frustrating elements of calling/starting workflows across platforms is the lack of output.

ie NWC WF calls other NWC component WF allows output variables back to the calling WF.

O365 WF calls NWC component WF does not allow output variable back the O365 WF.