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v15.0.3 - script works in Foxtrot but halts in Foxhub.

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I have installed Foxtrot and Foxhub on the same computer - both versions are 15.0.3 (yet recently upgraded from 14.6.1). I have a botflow that runs without any issues if run through Foxtrot, but if I schedule it to be run by Foxhub it just halts completely. 

In the botflow I have a rather simple step that clicks a button with an exact match on the text 'Log In'; if the botflow is run using the Foxtrot client it clicks the button as expected, but if run via Foxhub as a scheduled job it just halts completely without an error message. If I force run the step it has the samme (lack of) effect. This botflow has been running succesfully for quite a while in Foxhub as a scheduled job using version 14.6.1.


For the sake of good order I deleted the RPA-document and the Foxhub-job and recreated both to ensure that it wasn't a faulty one-off file conversion issue.


Any ideas as to what causes this? Let me know what further information is necessary in order to pinpoint the cause of this issue.





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Re: v15.0.3 - script works in Foxtrot but halts in Foxhub.

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Hi Ulrich


This issue has already been reported by another user, and we have forwarded it to the Nintex RPA team to review and hopefully fix soon. For your information, in the near future, FoxHub will be replaced by the new RPA Central application as part of a new strategy by Nintex to support better security and governance. 




Jacob, Basico P/S

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