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How to deactivate a Nintex Foxtrot license and move them to another server.


A quick how to remove/deactivate a license from your Foxtrot server and move it to another.




To deactivate a license follow the below steps.

- Open Foxtrot Admin on the machine that is hosting the licenses.
- The default user name is admin and the password is FOXTROT (in call caps)
- Next, click licenses on the left side menu and the click Manage Licenses (if you get an error saying you can’t manage the licenses from this machine that’s okay, click on the Edit button on the top menu and then manage licenses)
- Click Next after confirming the product key
- Select Deactivate and then Next to proceed on through the prompts


To activate a license you will do the same thing on the new machine but instead of choosing deactivate choose activate.

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