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Start botflow from external source



In the near term, we're going to be upgrading from Foxtrot 15.0.3 to the latest Nintex RPA available. With Foxtrot, we're able to start the rpa scripts from an external scheduling tool via the Foxtrot command line options.


I've heard that initially command line support wasn't implemented into Nintex RPA or RPA Central, but this forum post suggested that the feature gap was going to be bridged in a few months (over a year ago):


I know you can trigger botflows through NWC, and NWC has an API that we could use to start the workflows. However, I'd hate to be required to consume 2 "flow" licenses, just to start a botflow.


Other than NWC, is there currently a way to start botflows from an external source?


Thank you 

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