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RPA interactions with websites

Is it common to have issues with interactions with websites and Nintex RPA?  We're having inconsistent results related to interactions with websites and I wanted to confirm if other people are having the same issue.  I've used Internet Explorer, Google Chrome (with Nintex add-on), and Microsoft Edge.


I built a bot on my local workstation but when I transfer the ownership to another user and they try to run it on their local workstation, the targets are off.  I also tried using a static environment of a bot server with one "bot" user (to avoid user permission issues), and still have intermittent issues with website interactions and targeting.  


We recently upgraded from Nintex RPA 16.5.5 to Nintex Bot 17.0.6 which I had expected to resolve most of our targeting problems but it hasn't.  Is this a common issue with using websites with Nintex Bot?


Our goal is to build the bots and transfer ownership to the departments for them to run the bots themselves.

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