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Nintex RPA on AWS Workspace

Hi All, 


I'm running Nintex RPA and have chosen to use an AWS workspace so the automation can run 24-7 in the background and execute when scheduled. The schedule functions works well however I'm getting some strange inconsistencies. 


Sometimes the automation executes when it reaches its scheduled time (often when my pc is logged into the AWS workspace) however sometimes when my AWS workspace is not logged it - it will just show as 'queued' or 'running'. I will then have to terminate each separate automation and reset the entire bot to let it run smoothly. I have had instances in the past when the AWS workspace isnt logged in and the automation runs fine. The process just seems to be slightly inconsistent at present. 


The question is how do I get the robot to run effectively in the background (ie on this AWS workspace) and actually execute automatically at its scheduled time. 


All help appreciated! 





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