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Hi there. First time user trying to get a handle of Foxtrot. I am working on building a script that would upload information via a list in excel and then run a loop completing the task.  It would consist of a series of actions which ultimately would open up a file and email the corresponding document to the email address in the list. My question is I cant seem to get the loop function to work and open the file via the file path name that I provided in my list.  Is there a back door to this such as pulling up a windows search bar and typing in the file name via the list and opening the document? Sorry if it seems convoluded as this idea is still in conception but I know what I want to do.   

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Re: Loop Open File

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Have you checked out our article on how to work with lists? https://support.foxtrotalliance.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003637105


It sounds like using the "Files and Folders List" functionality is just what you need.

And then for the email part, you probably need to check out our guide on how to work with emails: https://support.foxtrotalliance.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002592411


If it is not clear based on the articles, just let me know, and I can probably give you further guidance based on more details on your task. 


Hope this helps.



Mathias (Foxtrot Alliance)

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