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Foxtrot Support for Azure SQL

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I'm using the Open SQL function of Foxtrot RPA and I'm noticing it cannot detect Tables in SQL Azure. It doesn't let me either select a table, nor does a SELECT [Field] FROM [Table] command work as it reports that [Table] is an invalid object. Will support for SQL Azure be coming in the near future? I checked the roadmap, but did not see anything relevant.


Version number is 15.0.1.  Screen shots below.



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Re: Foxtrot Support for Azure SQL

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I have supported another client with this same issue and we were able to solve it.


It seems that your connection was successful since you got access to the database. I would suggest creating an SQL connection (not Data - SQL) and then use Execute SQL action to query the table you need.

We have made some material on how to use SQL in Foxtrot:

How to write queries in Foxtrot, then the syntax can vary a little depending on the DBMS you are using, but it is fully supported by Foxtrot. See attached/below a screenshot of INSERT command in both Foxtrot and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.


SQL Example.PNG

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