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Botflow Organization

Is there a way or will there be a way to organize botflows into folders? As we start to build out botflows, we're seeing that it could be potentially problematic for users to scroll through hundreds of botflows to select the one that they need to run. It would be nice if we could designate folders to store the published botflows to so that departments could go to their specific folder(s) to access their botflows and limit the possibility of them selecting the wrong botflow.

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Re: Botflow Organization

We'd also like this option. We're also growing our list of bots and have organized them so far by doing specific naming conventions starting with the department listed first.  Example: Loan Ops (bot name), Dep Ops (bot name), HR (bot name), etc... 


We're upgrading this weekend to Nintex Bot 17.0.6/RPA Central 2.0.5 and I'm looking forward to the new functionality to now be able to sort the list of bots. 


I like this idea of having folders and then assigning permissions per folder.  Ultimately, we'd like to have the ability to only give access to certain bots to specific users.  

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