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Nintex Newbie

trying to create process going back a step after a gateway

hi there,
i am trying to create a process which involves going back to a step in the same process twice.
As the picture shows.

any suggestions on how to illustrate this?

thank youpic.png

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Nintex Newbie

Re: trying to create process going back a step after a gateway

Hi @fbastian,


Nintex Promapp has been designed intentionally to prevent loops like this within a process. A process should display the expected outcome with any exceptions logged as notes, process links, conditional process links, parallel activities or even tasks. The result we're looking for here is a simple process for an end user to digest and follow. 


A note is a great way to pose a question, particularly if it follows an 80/20 rule. The decision in your screenshot could be avoided by adding a note to one of the other activities posing a question along the lines of "Has a review been conducted?". Within the response to this you can respond with any relevant information and link the process at the bottom of the note.


Have a look at our course on Learning Central - Promapp for Process Authors - Advanced Features - 

This course will help provide some insight as to why these features work the way they do. 

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