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Nintex Newbie

Reminder emails for out of date processes

Hi Friends,


Is there a way or a setting by which promapp can send reminder emails about out of date processes directly to process owners and experts when its due or overdue?


Not everyone logins to promapp everyday to see which processes are due for review so its very hard to get these processes reviewed just in time.


Currently, promapp sends a monthly (daily and weekly will be like bombarding users with emails) reminder email to people who have any notification (red bubble) showing on their dashboard.

Has anyone faced this similar issue? What is the best possible resolution?



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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Reminder emails for out of date processes



Currently the summary email is the only way users who do not log into Promapp regularly will be notified of their overdue process reviews (feel free to add this suggestion to the uservoice page though!)


Often when training new clients I suggest that those assigned as Group Champions should be generating reports to present at regular team meetings where they can bring issues like this to light, another option is for the Lead Champion to generate the relevant report and send reminders to the process owners and experts. 


Basically keeping ontop of this requires a cultural/behavioural shift accross the organisation. Processes don't just suddenly go overdue, the dashboard will notify process owners and experts from 3 months prior to the review date. The owners and experts don't need to check their dashboard every week or even every month to stay on top of this aspect - they need to understand why accurate process information is important to them and their team members so that they have a reason to check the dashboard on a regular basis.

Having meaningful manager/organisational KPIs set up which include this information could assist in getting process reviews to become a habit and ingrained in the organisational culture.


I have also found that making a game out of it can help as well - healthy competition! Offering small prizes (a chocolate bar, free coffee etc) to the process owners each month who have no overdue process reviews, or even the owners who improved their stats the most can be surprisingly effective!


It's all about implementing sustainable change and altering the culture of the organisation to become process excellence orientated and it can definitely be challenging! Often it's a case of finding out some 'what's in it for me' reasons for them. I find Simon Sinek's 'Start with Why' to be really helpful in this topic.


Hopefully that helps somewhat :)




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