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Import a Nintex Promapp Process from XML


How can I import a Nintex Promapp process from XML?

Only Promasters can import processes from XML. Exported Nintex Promapp process XML  files can be easily imported. However, you can only import Nintex Promapp process XML files at the process group level and not from within a new or in edit process.


  1. Select a process group.

  2. Click Gear > Import / Export > Import from XML.


    The Import from XML prompt displays.


  3. Select the Nintex Promapp XML file to be imported.

  4. Click Import.

    The Import from XML prompt refreshes and displays the import was successful.

  5. Click Close.

Additional Information

  • The ability to import a process from XML is limited to Promasters.

  • All the groups and processes supplied in the file will be added underneath the current process group.

  • Depending upon how many processes you are importing, this can take a long time to complete (in the order of 1 minute per 100 processes).


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