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Nintex Newbie

Automate linking people to roles

We have a large organisation with many staff changes, how can we automate the allocation of people to roles, or do this via a report upload on a regular basis to ensure roles are always current?

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Automate linking people to roles

If you are a Promaster in Promapp you are able to do a bulk upload of user and role lists. To do this navigate to either the User or Roles section, select the cog icon at the top right hand corner and select the import option. This will then give you an excel spreadsheet which can be populated and uploaded into Promapp. For more information on how to do this please have a look at our help documents for ‘Manage Users’ and ‘Manage Roles and Responsibilities’ 

There are also a number of ideas around how this this could be improved on User Voice. I encourage you to review and vote on these ideas or even suggest your own.