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Nintex Newbie

Additional Process Editor and does the Process Team Get Notified someone else changed their process?

Hi - we just used the posted solution on how to add additional process editors so they can ... edit process other than their own at the Group level.


My question is  for the initial Process Team (User, Expert and Owner) - how are they informed of a change to their process when an additional editor did a change. Do they get informed?


Our testing indicates that after an additional editor changed the process, the initial process team did not get notified that the process was changed. There wasn't any indication in their Dashboard for Process Changes.


Should the initial Process Team get  notified, maybe they and I am doing something wrong?


There are other means to indicate to the initial Process Team that someone edited their process - i.e. use the Feedback functionality.


Looking for experience or opinions here, because perhaps this could be an enhancement.


Thanks - Srinee @ Sun Life Financial.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Additional Process Editor and does the Process Team Get Notified someone else changed their proc

Hi Srinee

did the map editor republish the map? My understanding is notifications are only sent on publishing rather than every time the Save button is clicked (which would become annoying really quickly!).


If the map wasn't published, then the editor should be using the Save with Comments button and writing a comment as to changes made. These comments appear in the Change Log of each map (which is visible to anyone viewing the map), together with a 'Restore' button.

  • Meaningful comments (when saving or publishing) make it possible to choose a previous version to restore; without them you have no way of knowing how one older version is different to another.


Hope that helps :cathappy:

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