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Triggers/Input and Output lost in Map when copying processes


We have developed quite a large processes and have decided, to split it up into several processes. We have therefore copied the process several times and deleted the parts that are already mentioned in the other processes. But unfortunately the triggers/inputs and outputs are not displayed on the map any more although they can be seen and changed in the "Edit" mode. Is there any way of resolving this?


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Re: Triggers/Input and Output lost in Map when copying processes

I'm guessing you have added links to the preceding part of the process? When you do that it replaces the Triggers and Inputs box on the map (because you're essentially saying that the trigger and input come from that prior process). If you add a process link at the end of the process then that will remove the Outputs box on the map view too.

As you say, the information is still in both the Procedure tab (scroll down past the procedure section) and, therefore, the Edit tab, but no longer appears on the map.

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