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Restricting edit access for Business Analysts

Is it possible to restrict the edit access of a Business Analyst to processes in one Group only? I know we can make someone a Group Champion and that will give them edit access in that Group, but if their "privilege" is set up as Business Analyst, will they still have edit access in other Process Groups?

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Re: Restricting edit access for Business Analysts

There is no way to restrict edit access for a Business Analyst.  Someone with Business Analyst access will have access to edit all Processes visible to them within Promapp.  


The only options are to remove the user from having Business Analyst Privileges in Admin > Users and add them as a group champion, or group editor of the groups they have access to.  Alternatively you could restrict permissions to certain groups.  This will however prevent a Business Analyst from also being able to see any Processes in this group.