Process variations governance

My organisation is large and a government shared service with complex processes and multiple systems. We are reviewing our governance charter and believe we need some simple rules for when process variations are used for a process.

Has anyone developed a decision matrix or variation matrix to do this? We want to make it consistent in how it is used across the organisation while also making it easy for writers to evaluate how to best use the variation option.


Fill a vacancy

The vacancy is for: (inputs are different and variations in what is done)

 - Doctor

 - Nurse

 - Manager

 - Admin

Types of employment: (inputs are different and variations in what is done)

 - Permanent

 - Agency

 - Contract

 - Acting - from within org

Systems (both being superseded by HR System C in the next 5 years) 

 - HR System A (DOS based)

 - HR System B (easier, less steps, to use because newer)


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Re: Process variations governance

Hi @Rhonda,

I would suggest creating a process for each type of employment (Permanent, Agency, Contract, and Acting) and then process variations for each vacancy. 

For example, the "Perform permanent employment process" would have the following variations: Doctor, Nurse, Manager, Admin, etc.

You may want to check if the variations are in all the activities performed or just one of the activities.

If the variations are in only one specific activity and the rest of the process remains the same, you can add the information as exceptions (as NOTE in Q&A format) in that specific activity.

For example, What if the vacancy is for a Nurse?/ What if the vacancy is for a Manager? / What if the vacancy is an Admin?

In this case, you don't need to create process variations.

I hope this helps.