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I need to reference ProMapp documents from another ser of documentation and would like to ensure that only the latest version of a process held in ProMapp is referenced in that other documentation. Is there a way to create a persistent link so whenever a newer version of a ProMapp doc is created, that is automatically the one one that is referenced elsewhere?

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You can use the mini-mode link. 


When viewing the published version of a process, look to the upper right area for the "Share Process Link" button.  Image inlcuded below.  When a new version of a process is published, or your revert to a previous the link will always point to the current published version.  Be sure that you have the right URL, there is one for "in progress" and "pulbished".  The URL for the in progress will show the current version, even if not published.


FYI. You can also do this documents that you've added to your Promapp document library by grabbing the share link.


CapturePromapp Share link.PNG

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