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Maintaining company policies in Nintex Promapp

Should company policies be maintained in Word documents or PDF's saved outside of Nintex Promapp or should we use Policy Mode?

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Re: Maintaining company policies in Nintex Promapp

Use Promapp policy mode - that way there is an Owner and Expert assigned, review dates are set, feedback can be provided, dashboard notifications are generated if changes to a linked process are made, and there's a full audit history with version control and policy approval (if PAW add-on is enabled) It's also searchable, it's quicker to read, you can run a report to see which users have viewed the policy, and you can add the policy to a training unit (if the Training add-on is enabled).

Nintex Observer

Re: Maintaining company policies in Nintex Promapp

We transitioned away from Word docs and PDFs that lived on SharePoint (that Promapp linked to for document attachment/process references). As our company began opening offices in other countries, our HR department started creating multiple variations of very similar Policies (US, UK, AU, India, etc.). All were being managed, reviewed, and edited independently of each other and it was creating a bit of chaos between those who were responsible to keep the policies in sync with each other.


We've placed our Policies into Promapp and are leveraging the PVM module in Promapp to better maintain and account for the differences for our colleagues in each individual country. Our HR team can then pull up the appropriate version of the policy depending on where the colleague is located. So far, our HR team is really happy with the results. It's keeping things more consistent for them and reducing the time needed to maintain all of the Policy variants.