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In my organisation our Contact Centre servicing over 45,000 internal customers at level one before triage to the relevant operational area when too complex, are avid users of Promapp for the processing aspect of their work. They are wondering if anyone has successfully used Promapp to help their staff quickly find answers to questions while on the phone.


They started putting this information together in the form of notes within Categories but staff find it difficult to find at speed. So has anyone got tips for speedy searching, or are we using a hammer when we need a screw driver?

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Re: Contact Centre business information

Hi Rhonda, I recently implemented Promapp into a large Insurance company in Australia. We decided not to expect call centre staff to use Promapp for quick turnaround, they used it only for training, upskilling, and support information.


In saying that, as you already have it in place, I recommend you use a Chatbot tool that allows your users to ask questions and receive answers plus linking to the relevant process.


It will take some work, but it is the best workaround because Promapp is not designed as a help desk tool.


I am happy to chat anytime if you have any questions.