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How to Add Authentication to Seq

Product: Kryon RPA; Kryon Process Discovery

Product Version: Seq - version 5.1.3200 and above | RPA - V.19.3 and above | PD – V19.2 and above

Components: Seq

Article Contributors: Ayelet Gazit

Prerequisites: N/A



By default, access to Seq log viewer does not require authentication. Anyone with the URL to SEQ server can view it. 

In case your company security policy requires, it is possible to enable Seq authentication. 

Here is how to do it: 

  1. Open Seq UI and click “Settings” at the top menu 
  1. Go to “SYSTEM” on the left menu 
  1. "Authentication provider" will be set by default to “Basic”. You can click “Change...” to open authentication configuration page. 
  1. Choose the authentication method and relevant details to activate it 




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