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Preview Program FAQ


Preview Program FAQ



The Appit Preview Program is a user opt-in program that allows you to access and try the latest features that we are working on before they are made broadly available. This gives you early access to new features as we are building them, and most importantly, the ability to provide feedback before the features are launched! To learn more about the preview program policy, click here.



Q: How do I participate?

A: Users can opt-in to the Preview Program by going to your Appit environment and accessing K2 Management. Clicking on the "Preview" badge on any feature will opt you into the program after displaying the Terms of Use. To read these terms, click here.

Q: What if I don't want to join this Preview, but I want to know more about future programs?

A: If you do not want to join this Preview Program, do not accept the Terms of Use on the feature. Regular K2 communciations about Appit releases will include future information about preview features. Make sure you have subscribed to K2 emails. To learn how to manage your communication preferences, click here

Q: What features are available in Preview today?

A: Our first preview program is focused on Reports and consists of out-of-the-box Process Reports, Power BI and Tableau integration using SmartObject Services for OData, and Power BI templates.

  • Process Reports - K2 offers out-of-the-box Process Reports for real-time visibility and in-depth insights into your data and include:
    • Process Overview Reports - A rollup of all key process metrics
    • Process Details Reports - Rich insights into activity trends
    • User Overview - View of an individual's workload across all processes
    • Embedded Reports - Easily embed your data into SmartForm applications or SharePoint pages
  • Power BI and Tableau integration - K2 helps unlock both process and business data through K2 SmartObject Services for OData by integrating with the tools you love such as Power BI, Tableau, Excel and more.
  • Process Analytics templates for Microsoft Power BI - If you prefer working in Microsoft Power BI and would like to keep track of performance of your processes and activities, K2 process analytics templates for Power BI can get you started.  You can now drill down into rich process activities for better analysis, understand your teams workload and identify any bottlenecks or review usage trends from within Microsoft Power BI.

For more information on any of these features, check out the K2 Appit for SharePoint documentation, or use the following quick links:

Q: When will this Preview Program be rolled out to me?

A: As part of the update, all K2 Appit for SharePoint environments will be updated. For more information on when the update will be applied to your environment, please refer to the communciations from Appit Operations.

Q: Is there any training available to learn about the new features?

A: Yes, all K2 Appit for SharePoint customers and partners were invited to a webinar held Friday, 13 January. Brandon Brown, Sr. Director of Product Planning, presented the new reporting features. If you have missed this webinar, register for the recording.

Q: What if I run into an issue with a Preview feature? How do I get support?

A: Log a support ticket using the K2 Partner and Customer Portal per usual. Tickets will go through the K2 support channels, but fixes may not be made immediately available for Preview features.

Q: How do I provide feedback on Preview features?

A: You can submit feedback on Preview features, or any K2 Appit for SharePoint feature, by going to Your feedback will go to the Product Planning team, for consideration for future enhancements to the K2 products. Our goal is to get feedback on a set of features and roll out regularly with improved features and bug fixes identified during the preview program. Your feedback is key to the success of the Preview Program, so don't hold back.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with the Preview Program?

A: There are no additional fees charged for any of these capabilities while the Preview Program is in progress. Final pricing will be shared if and when the feature becomes commercially available.


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