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Discovering 2003 Interop Processes prior to upgrading to K2 Five


Discovering 2003 Interop Processes prior to upgrading to K2 Five


Upgrading to K2 Five with 2003 Interop Dependencies

When you upgrade to K2 Five using the setup manager, you will see warnings if 2003 interop processes are discovered by the setup manager tool. You are still able to upgrade to K2 Five (5.0 through 5.2), but you should remove the dependencies because 2003 is no longer supported.

As of K2 Five (5.3), you can no longer upgrade if 2003 Interop processes are discovered. You must run the attached script to get the names of the process definitions to be deleted, and then use the K2 Management tools to delete the process definitions.

This article describes how to identify and delete 2003 interop processes.



Installer will block upgrade at K2 Five (5.3)

If you have 2003 interop processes and attempt to upgrade to K2 Five (5.3), the installer will discover those processes and display the following error message: " 2003 processes were found and can't execute on this version of K2. Contact your K2 representative for more information".


Discovering affected processes

Attached to this article is a SQL script that you can run against your K2 database to determine which process definitions are impacted. This script will output the names of the processes that reference 2003 Interop. Once you know which process definitions include the 2003 interop references, you can use the K2 management tools (either the Management site in K2 Five, or the Management Console in Workspace in K2 blackpearl 4.7) to delete the process definitions.

Deleting process definitions may cause some of your existing applications to stop functioning as expected. You should understand the impact of deleting particular process definitions before doing so and as a precaution, make backups of your K2 databases before deleting process definitions.

If you identify process definitions that include references to 2003 interop but these processes are still required in your organization, you will need to refactor these processes to remove the 2003 Interop references. Once the process definitions have been refactored and published, you will need to delete the older versions of the process definition with the 2003 Interop references.



Known Issues

You may encounter issues when working with workflows that have 2003 interop dependencies, including:

  1. Clicking on the submit button on the SmartForms workflow view will not work, due to the old Serial Number format from 2003. If the workflow instance is converted to the new Serial Number format, submit will work.
  2. Workspace may not automatically open the Work Item URL, due to the incorrect Serial Number format.
  3. In the Management site, you can click on the link to download the process definitions, but you will receive an error "Array dimensions exceeded supported range" as there is no downloadable process definition.
  4. The View Flow report will not open for 2003 instances.


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