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Unable to retrieve list view records from database


Unable to retrieve "List View" records from database

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A user created a list view that accesses the database through the SmartObject. When the user wants to retrieve several records from the database, they don’t get uploaded on the SmartForm because too many records exist in the database.


You are unable to retrieve records from the database and the content does not display on the “List View”.
"No items to display" is shown.

See screenshot:


Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Navigate to K2 Designer, then select the “List View” to highlight it and click on "Edit". 


2. The “List View” layout will be open. Click on the settings icon to access the “View settings”.


3. The “View settings” should open. Select the checkboxes to enable filteringand paging; and then choose the number of “Items” per page to be displayed. The default number is 10 but the user can choose how many items they wish to display.


4. Click the OK button to finish the configuration and then re-run the application. This issue should now be resolved.

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