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Drawloop - Lightning Email Page - Bcc User's email preference


Add the User's email to the BCC section of an Email Delivery Option based on the User's Email Setting Preferences.


My Email Settings _ Salesforce-000867.png

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Option 1: Dynamically include Email based on User Automatic Bcc Setting

1. Download the Excel as Middleware Sample and add it to the DocGen Package. The logic of this Excel document is checking the user's email preference. (attached below) 


2. Once added to the DocGen Package - zero out the Page Range section.

z_Brent DocGen Package - Opportunity _ Salesforce-000863.png


3. In the Email Delivery Option - add the Excel as Middleware logic Tag to the BCC section

Tag = <<Drawloop_BCC>>

z_Brent DocGen Package - Opportunity _ Salesforce-000865.png


4. Save and Run the DocGen Package. The expected result will either include or exclude the Users email based on the Salesforce Email Setting.


Option 2: User Email Always included

1. In the Email Delivery Option - add the following tag = <<User_Email>>



2.  Save and Run the DocGen Package. The expected result will include the User's Email every time.

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