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Drawloop - Dynamic Images in Templates / Output Document


How to merge images in the output file of a generated DocGen Package


Additional Information

Supported Image replacement:

  1. Rich Text Field containing a single image
  2. Salesforce Content Files 
  3. Attachments
  4. Salesforce Documents (Image Replacement)
  5. Image URLs that are publicly available (Test opening image URL in an incognito window)


Not Supported:

  1. Image URL from a Salesforce Document for Word to Email feature
  2. Image replacement from Salesforce Report data / Connected Data passing URLs or Ids.
    Please post on our Uservoice for any use-case requests regarding Images:
  3. Image replacement from a Component of a Component Group. The image in a Component must be the exact dimensions desired. No "__image" on the Component Tag as this is only meant for image replacement.

Configuration Options:

Image replacement requires ‘__image’ to be appended to the Image Tag being referenced:

<< Field_Tag__image>>.

Dynamic images in Templates and Configuration:


  1. Relationship to related image records. e.g: Attachments and Files
  2. Reference Rich Text Field containing a single image
  3. Reference a URL field containing a single publicly available image
  4. Reference a field containing the Image RecordId+.extension
    1. Document = 0156g000000jAcG.jpeg
    2. Content File = 0696g00000B970FAAR.png
    3. Attachment = 00P6g000009VqYAEA0.jpeg


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