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Nintex Analytics FAQ


Existing Hawkeye Users

  • Q: Will all current Hawkeye users be migrated to Analytics?
  • A: Yes, all current Hawkeye users will be migrated to Analytics and invited to “complete their account setup” via email.


  • Q: What will happen to current Hawkeye tenants?
  • A: Users will receive a new Analytics workspace with the same name as their current Hawkeye tenant. If a customer has more than one Hawkeye tenant, that will also be migrated to a separate Analytics workspace, and users will be able to switch between workspaces via the Workspace Home switcher.


  • Q: What will happen to data sources already configured in Hawkeye?
  • A: All tenant level NWC and O365 connections will automatically be added to the new Analytics workspace. SharePoint on-prem customers will be required to first install a new talon so that data can be sent to the new backend infrastructure. Once the talon installation is complete, workspace admins will need to connect to it again via Settings > Data Connections page.


  • Q: How do you access the installer for Nintex Analytics?
  • A: Nintex Analytics does not have it's own installer. Nintex Analytics has been included in the installer for the latest versions of Nintex for SharePoint On-Premises. The latest installers are available at under 'Product Releases'


  • Q: Will customers be able to connect to just specific site collections vs. the entire O365 tenant?
  • A: Not at this time no.


  • Q: Will existing lenses be migrated to Analytics?
  • A: No. The construct of lenses is being deprecated with the transition to Analytics and will be replaced by out-of-the-box dashboard widgets and views that provide deep-dive information.


  • Q: How do I access my previously set Beacon data?
  • A: Users will be able to access Beacon data via the OData feeds available within the Individual Workflow page under the ‘Workflow Detail’ section.


New Analytics Users

  • Q: How can I access Nintex Analytics?
  • A: There are two required steps for accessing Nintex Analytics:
    • Customer must have an active Enterprise license or have purchased a Nintex Analytics add-on license. Tenants will be provisioned by SalesOps/Licensing at the time of purchase.
    • Customer must have an active Customer Central account created as they will use the same credentials as Customer Central to access the new Analytics portal.
      • Once a Nintex Analytics workspace is created and an Admin has been assigned, new users can be added to the workspace by the Admin.


  • Q: How do I request a new workspace be created?
  • A: Admin users will need to contact their Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to request a new Analytics workspace be created.


  • Q: What roles can be assigned to users in Analytics?
  • A: There are two roles in Analytics:
    • Admin: Can manage data connections and users within the workspace, as well as access Dashboards and Deep-Dive pages.
    • Viewer: Can view Dashboards and Deep-Dive pages.


  • Q: Does Nintex Analytics have its own Role Based Access Control (RBAC)?
  • A: Nintex Analytics no longer has a separate username and password, and now leverages the same authentication system as Nintex Customer Central.


Data Questions

  • Q: What telemetry will be available in product vs. in Analytics?
  • A: The new ‘big data’ architecture within Analytics will now act as the central repository for all customer telemetry across all of the Nintex capabilities. This will support the Nintex Analytics portal, and future efforts regarding in-product analytics. We are in the process of defining the difference between these two experiences, but at a high level the new portal will be representative of all the Nintex capabilities being leveraged, while in-product telemetry would be more scope to the given product.


  • Q: How long after a workflow has been published or deleted will that information be reflected in Analytics? 
  • A: Updates to workflow analytics should take place within two hourof the update. 


  • Q: Will Promapp dashboard be available within Analytics?
  • A: Eventually yes. As Promapp data is curated an made available within the data architecture we will start releasing Promapp dashboards via the Analytics portal.


  • Q: If customers configure their Analytics portal after they have existing cloud workflows, will they need to republish their workflows for them to appear in Analytics?
  • A: No, workflows will not need to be republished for them to appear in the Analytics portal, you will simply need to add the workflow environment as a data connection.


  • Q: When connecting to an on-prem SharePoint farm, what is the Isolation ID, and why does a specific region need to be configured?
  • A: The Isolation ID is a unique identifier for a given SharePoint on-prem farm in Analytics. The region configuration is to indicate where data should be stored if the SharePoint farm is outside of the U.S.


  • Q: How long will Hawkeye be maintained now that Analytics is coming out?
  • A: Access to Hawkeye tenants will remain active until further notice, or until a customer decides to close down their old Hawkeye instance once data has been moved to Nintex Analytics.
    • We do recommend moving to the new portal as soon as possible, as there will no longer be any additional feature development for Hawkeye moving forward.



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