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Quick Start Guide For Users Migrating to Office 365

Is there any type of quick start guide for users migrating from Nintex for SharePoint to Office 365?  Our company has recently migrated and I've been trying to get broken workflows remediated and even create new ones, and it's been a real PITA.  

I'm looking for something that would explain what the differences are between the two and if you used to do something one way in Nintex for SharePoint, here's how you'd do it in Nintex for Office 365. 

As an example, I was using a query list, and it seems there you don't have the option anymore to run your query from the action and see the results.  I used to do that all the time to test my results.  So I guess I have to actually run the workflow to test the results now?

That's just one example, but I'm sure there are more.  I've searched the site and while I've found the ShareGate migration comparison post, I'm looking for something a bit more detailed.  I'm guessing a lot of poeple have migrated so there has to be something, right?

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Re: Quick Start Guide For Users Migrating to Office 365

@murphybp2 because migrations can be a bit complicated and run the gambit of things to do or achieve, it has been challenging trying to create a specific guide to help users. There are a few post that aim to help people understand different aspects but nothing concrete because thats a lot of concrete to try and cover. (okay just kidding there).


Take a look at this -


And if you have specific questions, such as the query list action, post them here as you have and @ mention me. I'll try to help out as I see them come through.