k2 worklist item is removed once form is opened

Hi All,


I'm facing one serious issue related to worklist items.

We have a page where request are placed to different departments as per the requirement and once request is p lacedto a particular department,it is assigned to respective K2 Roles(Different roles for different departments) for taking actions.

In the beggining everybody(assigned K2 Role) can see that item in the worklist when request is placed  but if any of the member of assigned K2 Role just opens the form to take action and closes the form without taking action ,the request gets assigned to the same member and worklist item gets removed for others.

But the requirement is worklist item must be shown to all unless one takes an action.


I'm using Smartforms client event for taking actions.

Dont know where exactly i did wrong.


Tools used:

K2 BP 4.6.8

K2 Designer for SP 1.0.1

K2 Smartforms 1.0.7


Please help me out to fix the same.


Thanks and Regards


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Re: k2 worklist item is removed once form is opened

Dear ,

What u r saying is true when u r using the Default Workflow Activity settings ,

i beleive i have a link to help u solving ur problem ,


Hope it helps ,

Best Regards .