Workflow to evaluate each item uploaded from Excel Import

I'm using the Excel Import Broker to populate content within our application. The installation, and configuration was successful, and I can populate content without any issues.


I'm at the point now where I'm trying to figure out the best way to evaluate each of the rows of data that have been populated. The import broker allows for the option to add a transaction ID to each item that is uploaded. My challenge is how to loop through each of the items, and perform an evaluation.


In this example I am uploading 85 rows, and the evaluation would be on the Actual Cost column (value greater than 70,000). The Earned Value column would be a value greater than 30,000


Here is a simple workflow, I just need to understand how to loop through the data


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Re: Workflow to evaluate each item uploaded from Excel Import

In the recent versions of K2, there has been introduced a For Loop event that will allow you to iterate through something like a Smart Object List data set or you could use the "Plan Per Slot - No Destinaitons" methods to also create a For Loop behavior in your workflow. The challenge to both of these methods is that the operations will be chatty with your data source as you will have a call to get the list of items to evaluate returning the id numbers as a List and then a call to retrieve each record by ID number to pull back additional values that you want to evaluate.


Here is a decent write up on Plan Per Slot. It is speaking in the context of launching multiple child processes, but the basic setup is the same except you would use a smart object event to retrieve data from your smart object instead of the IPC event to start a another process. You can check it out here:


Here is some information on the For Each event from K2 doucmentation:


Hope this helps.



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