What do y'all think about a Global Broker with Global Functions/Expresions/Rules and SMO's

Hey Guys... I talked with BP about maximize K2 with Global Functions that prevail among all the Forms.  Seems like Security, Navigation, some basic functions can be re-used and it does seems like there is not current "Global Rules" or "Global Functions/Actions" within K2. however after all is K2 so that means is possible.


What if a "K2 Global [Expressions/Functions] Service Broker" is build with the ability of execute Expresions or Functions. This broker can take a parameter(s) and perform simple actions.


For Example:

SMO/Function/Expression that calculate Celsius degrees from Farenheit degrees.

     This specific SMO will calculate and return the result of the calculation.


Within this "K2 Global [Expressions/Functions] Service Broker" could be some SMO Rules that can concatenate together multiple Functions from the SMO within this broker. This way having the broker would be possible to call all the common functions/rules among all the forms within the K2 installation.


The K2 Broker can have multiple Categories for different kind of SMO's  for Math Calculations, Physics, Currency Exchange, Translations, RSS Feeds, JSON Feeds, XML Feeds, Stock Market RSS, Weather RSS, AIR Traffic Control RSS, Twitter RSS, FaceBook RSS, Instagram RSS.


With all that in place once creating each SMO will require basic configuration depending on the type of connection/authentication.


Re-Using some SMO Rules Connector will be possible to concatenate and connect multiple SMO's to get the result from some SMO and use as input of the next one.


Since this potentially could become really a big repository perhaps the functions/code all this could be hosted in GitHub or something like that... the code can be shared with the comunity to build all those interfaces and have somebody moderating the code publication to make sure there is not JS Injection or minimize bugs.


Another interesting concept is that K2 can be used to build or create independently those functions/expression within the SMO Broker. and use the Expresion Builder to publish or save there. [ Maybe an option on Expression  to save as ... and put in the global container. ] With this ideas, has to be necesary to have input variables... process the input and return and output.  But the development will be much faster....


The magic of call rules and concatenate things that do stuff is great. the idea of creating functions/expression with ease is awesome.... if all that can be shared among all the forms will be fantastic. Yes I would include [ PDF, MSWord, CSV, MSExcel, MSPPT and XML, JSON report within the data. ] 


I guess the more we dive into K2 the more we want from it, but surely is a very good tool and is enjoyable to see it going in the right direction.


What do you think ???







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Re: What do y'all think about a Global Broker with Global Functions/Expresions/Rules and SMO's

Hi, K2CaveMen. Please look at K2NEBroker on github. We invest time at our company to develop what you speaking about based on this broker.
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