Use a rule to select/highlight a row in a List View


is there a way to use a rule to highlight/select a specific row in a List View? I know the ID of the item, but the "List Item Click" method doesn't have any input parameters and there is no "Set Focus" method.


What I have is a List View which shows a summary of available items, and then an Item View which populates with the details of any item on the List View's double-click event, for updating. But I can also clear the item view and use its "Create" method to add new items. When I create a new item (and I get that items ID as a return value) I refresh the List View so my newly created item appears. But then I just want to select/highlight that new item.


There are 2 reasons

  1. the user has a visible cue for which item is showing in the details section
  2. the Smart Object property can be referenced to get the selected items ID, instead of having to update a parameter and reference its value elsewhere.

If I simply pass the ID to the Smart Object using the List method I will only get the one item returned when there are other related items which must also appear.


Can this be done?



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Re: Use a rule to select/highlight a row in a List View

Not sure which version youa re using of K2 SmartForms, but in new version there is a for look and you can do selected as well.

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