The wait operation timed out

Everyday 4-5 workflow instances abort with one of these errors

"The wait operation timed out"


"Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.; ServiceName: sensus_sensient_tech_net; ServiceGuid: c23ef9*personal details removed*-ab1e-52305e539a78; InnerExceptionMessage: ;"


When I "retry" them from workspace, they go thru succesfully. Log files are attached.

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: The wait operation timed out

I would start with the SQL service instance that was reporting the time out first. Some things to ask yourself are:

  • Is this K2 Cloud or K2 On Prem?

If On Prem.....

  • what is the health of that SQL Server?
  • What are you running with that service broker?
    • Stored procedure?
    • Accessing a view or table?
  • How do those SQL operations run outside of K2?
  • Are these SQL operations occuring on the same SQL server that hosts the K2 database?
  • Is this SQL server virtualized? If so, how is health of the host?