SmartObject Filtering

I have looking to add some filtering criteria to a recently created smart object. Just so give everyone an idea as to what I am trying to accomplish, I am using this SmartObject to populate an auto-complete field with data, specifically, users from AD. However, there are some "user" that aren't actual people and I am looking to exclude them from the list. I can add filtering criteria to the appropriate method and execute it properly from within the SmartObject Service Tester. However, once I leave the confines of the Tester and go back to the designer (FYI, I use the web-based designer to make my SmartForms), where the SmartObject is published, I only get an unfiltered firehose of data. My question is, how can I get the filtering criteria that I created with the Tester to be applied to the published SmartObject so that the filtering is used at runtime. Thank you in advance for any insights

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Re: SmartObject Filtering

Hi John


Can you elaborate on how you are using the SmartObject list method on the form? Specifically how are you displaying the data from this SmartObject?


If you are using a List View, you can add filtering in when you configure the Get List method (usually found on the View Initialize rule). In this wizard there is a Filter tab that allows you to create simple or advanced filters.


If you are displaying the data in a control like a picker or drop down box, you can again filter the data when you configure the rule to populate the control with data.