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SmartObject Failing with Required Property Troubleshooting



I have seen this issue a whole bunch of times and it can have very many causes. The error usually looks something like: "SmartObject Method Update has required Property ID."


Cause #1:

  • Smartform/Workflow Designer Issue. 

    • Make sure that there is a Value being passed into the method that is failing. 

    • Make sure that this value is populated at the time the method is being called. 

    • If neither of these, move on to Cause #2. 

Cause #2:

  • SmartObject Design

    • If you don't think that the property giving us the issue should be required, check your SmartObject and see if the property is required there.

    • This can happen a lot with SharePoint solutions because for most of the methods, the Document/Attachment could be required for most methods, but for some it is not. If the property is required, you will get this issue.

    • If neither #1 or #2, move on to cause 3.

Cause #3:

  • Performance/Networking

    • This issue is usually seen when it comes to SharePoint as well. For example, the SharePoint call cannot be returned by the time Smartforms/Workflow needs the property.