Service Object Methods

I am new to K2.  I am trying to build a K2 process that provides a department with courses that they teach on rotation for them to approve, deny or adjust.  I'm thinking there would be a list view of the departmental courses and a detail view of the information for the section.  I have created a Service Instance for an old database that I have been playing around with.  They do not have a current database, they are using Excel.  It has been suggested that I "Create the smartobject in its entirety in the smartobject service tester.  This will bypass the need to assign Service Methods in K2 Designer."  How do I do this? 



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Re: Service Object Methods

If you have a service instance created and it is exposing tables and views with the methods you only need to right click on the service instance and say create SmartObjects. It will create one for every thing you check which can include: stored procedures, tables and views.


This is dependent on how you set up the service instance and what data the user has access to.


I hope this helps.

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